High tempo - high quality!

Temper is a modern russian steel ball valves manufacturer. Temper brand valves are used for heat, water, gas and other non-aggressive working mediums.

Own pre-production

From raw pipes, rods, hexagons and sheets of uralic steel we create parts of a temper ball valve.

Cnc metal sawing

Pipes and rods are sawn into bathces on cnc band saws. All workpieces are processed by additional shot blasting. This makes edges smooth and creates proper surface quality for further processing.

Press and cutting plot

Handles, disk springs, seat support unit are formed by cold stamping.

Ball machining

We use spherical surface turning lathe to make balls of the valve with high prescision and in automatic mode. All balls and stems are made from stainless steel.

Production of parts at the machinery

On cnc turning and milling machines, components from sawn blanks are processed: neck, stem, ends, other parts. Usually in summer we have dramatical rise of orders quantity. We 3-shift mode (24/7) of working scale to cover demands. In winter time we try to make ready production for warehouse in advance, to prepare for upcoming seasonal rise of orders.

Finished product assembly

Our assemly line forms sets of parts for assembly. Everyday from 1000 to 1600 kits are created.

Neck welding

The first operation on the assembly site: neck welding. Then, stem ball and seats aare placed in the body.

Compression of the body

Compression of the body is carried out on the cold-pressing hydraulic machines.

Automatic body welding

On an automatic welding machine, ends, flanges and bodies are welded together. Ball sealings are compressed by srings. Pre-compression torque is prescise and optimal,to provide the tightness of the valve throughout its life. We weld up to 1600 valves per shift now.

Leakage test with compressed air

Each finished temper ball valve is tested for tightness and strength in accordance with gost, ce, en, ped regulations.

Ball valve wash with corrosion inhibitor

This operation prevents corrosion inside the ball valve, and increases its storage and service life.

The protective powder coating.

High-quality polymer coating is applied by thermal method. This type of coating temper ball valve good looking, during the entire service life.


After painting, the valve, a handle, and passport are packaged together by a heat shrink film. Batches of valves are placed on 1200x800mm palletes. Finished products are sent to the finished goods warehouse for further shipment to the customer.

Finished products

The company's products - steel ball valves of the brand temper today are in demand in russia, and countries abroad. The products are certified for use at district heating, cooling and gas networks, and other types of industrial pipelines. High tempo - high quality!