About company

About the factory

  • A full cycle of mass production of valves since 2014, with a production volume of more than 40,000 valves per month
  • Located in the Kurgan city on the territory of more than 2.7 hectares. Production area 4000 m2. Machinery fleet over 100 units
  • Using raw materials from Russian manufacturers allows us to reduce cost of production and give you competitive prices. 
  • Metal from Ural factories.
  • Number of employees 150 people, average age 33 years.

Export 17 countries

Dealers and partners 200 +

About Products

  • Application: heating water, natural gas, LPG, oil products and other working environments.
  • Ball valves DN 10-500, PN 16-40 in reduced and full bore design, t: -60 + 200 С.
  • Connections: welded, flanged, threaded and their various combinations.
  • Series of control (balancing) valves DN 15-200.
  • EN 488 valves for underground installation with stem heights up to 3000 mm.
  • Production of custom items according to customer requirements.

The advantages of cranes

Life time 40+ years

Guarantee 3 years

  • Designed and certified according to EN 488. 
  • Fully welded lightweight construction.
  • Easy to install, operate and insulate.
  • Heavy-duty polymer painting for durability and corrosion resistance. 
  • Preservation of inner surfaces for extended storage and operating terms in various conditions.
  • Maintenance-free 25 years service life with 3 years warranty  and at least 10 000  operating cycles.
  • Fully stainless steel edition for chemically harshest working mediums.
  • ISO 5211 flange for an actuator mounting.
  • Galvanized handle with improved visibility and corrosion resistance. 
  • Total bi-directional tightness rate A (no leaks).
  • Strong materials capable to withstand variable medium qualities.
  • Stainless steel ball and stem.
  • Galvanized corrosion resistant spring unit with PTFE+C ball seals.
  • Stem sealing with double o-rings.
  • Ability to create customized products.
  • Smart price.

About enterprise LLC "TEMPER"

Temper brand dates back to 1993 in Estonia. 
Temper OÜ was a manufacturer of container boilers, chimneys, vessels, metal framed constructions.

Temper OÜ went way from manufacturing small custom batches of industrial valves to mass production of ball valves with own brand and as an OEM for other brands. Main markets where Eastern Europe and Nordic countries. 

Russian trading company «Temper» LLC was registered in 2013 in St. Petersburg. Got exclusive rights to represent Estonian plant. Started to promote and sell Temper ball valves in Russia. 

In 2014 year, a new production site launched in Kurgan, using latest achievements in ball valves industry. Built from ground. 3,700 m2 of production facilities are placed on  own 2.7 hectares of territory.

230 people are  working in two shifts, with more than 100 units of automated and CNC machinery.

Making more than 500 000 valves per year fully in-house.

Our achievements

  • Quality Management System ISO 9001-2015.
  • Since 2015, deliveries to the republics of Kazakhstan, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan are regularly carried out.
  • At the end of 2016, the plant received CE certification, which allows products to be installed in European Union
  • During 2017, exports were made to Finland and Sweden
  • In early 2017, the plant reached a productivity of 30,000 cranes per month.
  • In 2018, received European certificates EHP / 003 and EN488-2015.