The history of development


Not just a factory

The TEMPER enterprise became the winner of the All-Russian competition on industrial tourism in the nomination "The best demonstration of successful entrepreneurship. We not only produce high-quality products that are in demand in many countries for life-supporting industries. We share our successes, always openly talk about the specifics of production and commercial activities, strive to develop not only ourselves, but also our suppliers, dealers, partners and colleagues in the industry.

The Temper plant has become a platform for discussing the development of the personnel potential of the Kurgan region and an active participant in the vocational training program for students of working and engineering specialties. And participation in the Association of Gas Equipment Manufacturers only confirmed the status and competence of the enterprise in the development of domestic production for engineering networks. In addition, the serial production of a mesh filter for water supply and gas supply networks was mastered, according to a developed and patented design, and the production of non-standard products was developed to f


Yet more!

  • All manufactured products are included in the Register of domestic industrial products. Localization of production from the very launch in 2014 was 100% due to domestic raw materials.

  • The success of foreign dealers of the TEMPERA plant again allowed the company to become the best exporter in the Kurgan region!

  • TEMPER products were presented to the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation in February and to representatives of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation in April. The high quality of the products and excellent prospects for further development were noted.

  • And in May, the heads of diplomatic missions of foreign states got acquainted with the products and production processes at the plant. The number of export destinations has reached twenty!

  • Thanks to participation in the National Project "Labor Productivity", it was possible to significantly speed up production processes: reduce the time of the crane assembly process by 60%, the amount of work in progress at all stages by 51%, increase productivity per employee by 24%. And the timely expansion of the machine park and the construction 

Надежный производитель завод Темпер


Zuverlässiger Hersteller

Despite the difficult conditions caused by the pandemic, the plant continued to increase production volumes without stopping. This year, the TEMPER plant has mastered the serial production of a new crane design with a maintainable neck - the M Series.Deliveries of cranes of this series accounted for more than 10% of total sales. The geography of sales continues to grow, and the volumes of deliveries in traditional directions are also increasing. The plant has been supplying products to Kazakhstan and other foreign countries for 5 years and this year it was possible to take part in the gasification project of Astana. Thanks to the federal project for improving labor productivity, we were able to increase the volume of output and speed up the production time. And the number of employees has exceeded 200 people!


Fifth anniversary of LLC "Temper"!

The plant turned 5 years. Millionth ball valve released. New sales directions opened: Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Qatar. A representative company has been opened in Estonia. Number of employees exceeded 150 people.

Новые стандарты и рынки сбыта на заводе Темпер в Кургане


Improvement of productivity and quality. New standards and markets.

This year, the design of the temper ball valve has been finalized and patented. Mastering the production of specific products: taps for hot tapping under pressure. Repair technology for existing networks is actively used in European countries and is increasingly being used in Russia. Products accordance to Gazsert, CE standards has been confirmed. Certified by EHP/003 and en 488-05 systems. We exported products to 16 countries.


Reaching our manufacturing capacity and European markets deliveries.

The plant reached its full manufacturing capacity of 30000 ball valves per month. The product range has been expanded to dn 500. The first successful deliveries to the eu countries: sweden and finland. LLC "Temper" was awarded as the "Best exporter of the year" in the Kurgan region.

Выход на проектную мощность и европейские рынки Темпер в Кургане
Новая продукция и горизонты Темпер в Кургане


New products and horizons

In 2016, the company mastered the serial production of a balancing (regulating) series of valves, and also added choke-nipple connection ball valves ends option. The dealer network has been formed in 7 countries and had more than 100 dealers and partners of the plant. Received CE certification, which allowed to launch the production of a series of cranes for the EU countries.


First full year of stable production

In 2015, Temper LLC formed an extensive dealer network. Started the production of the ball valves line that can fit the lentgh of outdated gate valves. A quality management system has been implemented according to GOST P ISO 9001:2015. Successfully certified according to GAZSERT standards. A branch with warehouse was opened in St. Petersburg.

Первый полный год стабильного производства завода Темпер в Кургане


First party of ball valves

In November 2014, the first serial batch of finished products came off the assembly line. From this moment, the plant begins to despatch products through the dealer network to Irkutsk, Chelyabinsk, Kurgan and other cities of Russia.