About the products

  • Ball valves DN 15-600, PN 16-40 in standard and full-bore design, temperature: -60 +200 degrees Celsius;
  • Scope of application: heating network water, natural gas, LPG, petroleum products and other working media that are not aggressive for the materials of crane parts;
  • Connections: welded, flanged, threaded and their various combinations
  • Series of regulating (balancing) cranes DN 15-200
  • Cranes for underground installation with a stem height of up to 3000 mm are produced
  • The possibility of manufacturing from a thick-walled seamless pipe
  • Production of non-standard items according to customer requirements


Service life 40+ years

Guarantee 3 years

  • Fully welded construction, no additional maintenance of the crane is required;
  • The prepared spring with an anti-corrosion coating significantly extends the service life of the crane;
  • Cranes made of steel 20, 09G2S and 12X18N10T;
  • To improve the quality of installation, the mirrors at the flanges and the ends of the pipes at the welded cranes are not painted;
  • Construction lengths of flanged cranes according to GOST and DIN;
  • ISO Flange for installing the drive on all cranes from DN 125;
  • The handle of the crane has a galvanized coating, which allows it to be protected from corrosion for a long time;
  • TEMPERATURE ball valves are manufactured in accordance with TU 3742-001-33101727-2014 "TEMPERATURE ball valves";
  • The design of the TEMPER ball valve is patented;
  • The quality, reliability and safety of TEMPER ball valves are confirmed by both Russian and international certificates:

- confirmation of compliance with the TR CU;
- SDS GAZSERT certificate;
- European CERTIFICATPED2014/68/EU(PressureEquipmentDirective);
- European certificate according to the EN 488 standard (for underground installation of cranes);
- Certificate of compliance with GOST R for earthquake resistance.

Certificates and patents

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