The Temper company announces the start of production of the temper DN 150 crane with a shortened construction length


Recently, there has been a steady trend to replace valves with ball valves in many systems.

And it is not surprising, as cranes in comparison with latches possess the best tightness, smaller dimensions and weight, do not demand constant control of a technical condition, in case of emergency situations quickly block a flow of the working environment and a number of other essential advantages.

The Temper company, considering modern tendencies and requirements of the Russian market, expands serial production of flange ball valves with construction length "under the gate valve"!

The 286 and 287 series are complemented by a DN 150 crane with a length of 280 mm.

You can get acquainted with the technical parameters of the new TEMPER ball valve and place an order by contacting our specialists by phone +7 (3522) 22-88-88 in Kurgan, +7 (812) 438-05-45 in St. Petersburg, +7(499)322-88-22 in Moscow and by e-mail

The company "Temper" in the future plans to take into account the specifics of the Russian market and respond quickly to the growing demand for TEMPER products. We are ready for the development of long-term relations with partners and intend to direct all the forces of the enterprise to the development in order to adequately ensure the obligations assumed.