The company "Temper" announces the measures taken to stabilize the pricing policy


Recent changes in the metals market affect all industries. Rising prices for raw materials leads to an increase in the cost of production.

To maintain a stable price policy, the company "Temper" has taken a number of measures that allowed to keep the current price for steel ball valves TEMPER!

In order to keep the level of selling prices within the same limits, the company "Temper" decided to change the base steel grade 09G2C, from which steel ball valves TEMPER are serially manufactured, to the steel grade 20. These changes will come into force on 03 March 2015.

Steel ball valves for industrial purposes are mostly used in heat supply and gas distribution facilities, where they are installed on pipelines made mainly of steel 20. Thus, the use of cranes made of the same steel is justified. Changing the base steel will not change the production technology and will maintain high reliability of manufactured products.

The Temper company will continue production of cranes from steel 09G2S under the order at the updated prices. A new price for cranes made of steel 09G2S you can get on request in the sales Department.

You can place an order for TEMPER ball valves made of steel 20, 09G2C or 12X18N10T by contacting our specialists by phone +7 (3522) 22-88-88 in Kurgan or +7 (812) 438-05-45 in St. Petersburg.

The company "Temper" in the future plans to maintain a stable pricing policy and provide consumers with guaranteed quality products!