Temper company summed up the results of 2016


Starting a series of news about our company in 2017, I want to remember the significant events of the outgoing year.

2016 was marked by new products. We have added a range of valves in the size of the valve from DN40 to DN150. We have mastered the fitting valve with a unique connection without sealing on the principle of "ball on cone". And the most significant addition to the range is the control valves with the ability to connect the device to fine-tune the system. These innovations have provided us with the new regular orders!

Quick start, high activity in the market and the success of the plant in the development of Russian valve industry were highly appreciated by the industry community and awarded the portal "Armtorg" - the title of "Valve Builder of the year" was received by the Director of the enterprise Sergey Doronin! In the same year he was awarded another prize, the "valve Oscar".

Our plant continues to successfully pass all kinds of checks. In 2016, we were inspected by a representative of Rosneft, MOEK, technical specialists of heating companies in different cities. We have passed the next annual inspection of Gazprom gas Distribution. But the most status inspection was carried out by the European expert according to which results we received the CE certificate which confirms compliance of plant and production to requirements of the European Union and permits deliveries of TEMPER ball valves to the EU.
To develop this direction, we took part in the international exhibition of valves "Valve World Expo-2016" in Dusseldorf, Germany. Already this year we have signed an agreement with a new partner on the supply of products to Finland.

The results of work in 2016 allow us to build the boldest plans for the current year and confidently develop production.
All this only confirms that the TEMPER plant has chosen the right PACE of its movement to Success!!!