Within the framework of the exhibition, a business forum "Russia Smart Innovation" was held, at which sessions on interregional cooperation between Russia and Uzbekistan were held. Director of LLC "Temper" Sergey Doronin spoke at the event with the report " Criteria for assessing the quality of pipeline valves for the oil and gas industry."

In terms of quality criteria, the speaker assessed the work of the plant "Temper". "We-supporters of openness, always invite any wishing experts to get acquainted with production technology at our plant, - Sergey declared, - we specialize only in production of ball valves on the most running standard sizes that allowed to reduce essentially production cost and to keep it at the basic level, despite constant growth of the prices and salaries. The number of products produced is growing annually, in 2018 the production volume amounted to more than 350 thousand. cranes, and there is enough stock to expand now. We supply products to 16 countries, annually we open several new directions.Accordingly, the main production technologies are patented, products and enterprises are certified to work in all the right markets.»

Within the framework of the forum, a number of B2B meetings with companies of Uzbekistan were held, the participants agreed on further cooperation.

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