Successful certification of TEMPER cranes according to EN 488


LLC Temper confirmed compliance of the made production to requirements of the European consumer, according to the standard EN 488 " Systems of the preliminary isolated pipelines in collecting for underground systems of hot water supply. Steel valves Assembly for steel pipes with polyurethane thermal insulation and outer casing of polyethylene".

The requirements of the standard are mandatory in 31 countries of the European Union, and is the basis for the national standards of the above countries.

The main purpose of the tests is to study the resistance of TEMPER cranes to axial impact and deformation: axial compressive force, axial tensile force, bending tests, and tests for the density and strength of the body and other structural elements, and tightness. This test method is becoming increasingly popular due to the development of underground piping technologies, in which the shut-off units can be subjected to additional load.

According to the conclusion, " Temper ball valves have passed all the tests according to the procedure and meet the requirements of EN 488. No unacceptable defects or inconsistencies were found."